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Ukulele & Vocals Ident III


Optimistic, happy little royalty free jingle.

Heroic Inspiration


Triumphant, inspiring and emotional background track

Epic Hollywood Trailer


Dark blockbuster trailer with amazing emotional power! Are you ready to create something epic? This driving, dramatic and intense orchestral royalty free track will boost the energy level in your project BIG TIME!

Emotional and Inspiring Cinematic Background Music


Epic, dramatic and emotional royalty free music track.

Upbeat Christmas Pop


Christmas Corporate Pop. Simple, fresh and uplifting.

Funky Retro Fever


Bring in the vintage vibe! This is absoultely sassy, sexy, groovy funk!

Fairy Tale


Beautiful and simple melody played on live piano is orchestrated in epic “Danny Elfman like” style with glockenspiel, vibraphone, full orchestra and the unique sound of Duduk.

Drunken Pirate


Boost the joke in your project! Funny sneaking and lurking.

Mother's Lullaby


Bring some love to your project with this soft and special royalty free music track!

Great Idea


Clean, effortless and fresh minimal background music.

Inspiring People


Exclusive, smooth and uplifting motivational royalty free music.

Pure And Poetic Piano


Nostalgic, romantic and delicate classical piano piece.

New products

Corporate Rock Ident


Hard Rock Opener

Music Box Happy Birthday Tune


Happy birthday tune played on music box

Romantic Mozart Piano Ident


Romantic, calm and peaceful classical music logo.

Retro 80s Disco Ident


Cool retro disco-pop hit with an 80’s feel.

Business Rock Ident


Short energetic hard rock music track!

Music Box Jingle Bells


Famous Christmas Carol

Music Box Für Elise


Famous melody by Ludwig van Beethoven - Für Elise.

Emotional Cinematic Minimal


Minimalistic, yet deeply touching piano and strings ambient.

1 Hour Relaxing Piano With Rain - Music for Meditation


Stressed out? Need more focus? TRY THIS! Anxiety and stress relief guaranteed :) Beautiful, soft piano with soft rain ambient sounds.

Summer Vibes


This happy summer music track is an ideal background for your summer-themed project: travel channel, hotel and resort ad, commercial with a summer vibe, picture collage of your summer holiday photos, food channel, and cooking video (imagine cocktail, ice cream of a fresh dessert!)

Wheels On The Bus


Famous nursery rhyme - playful, happy, and bouncy!

Big Boss Funk Ident


Smooth and confident retro shortie.

Power Workout


Fitness & gym motivation music!

Mozart - A Little Night Music Ident


Serenade No. 13 in G major "Eine kleine Nachtmusik", I. Allegro by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Cool Hip-Hop Background


Masculine, futuristic, and sexy symphonic hip - hop.

Dramatic Baroque Logo


Majestic classical signature tune.

Upbeat Tutorial Pop


This is the classic tutorial standard!

Extreme Racing


High-speed, adrenaline-fuelled electronica!

Extreme Energy


Sexy futuristic EDM / Dubstep

Driving Drums Ident


High-tech, driving, fast and intense!

Mozart's Kindergarten


Komm Lieber Mai by W. A. Mozart.