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Who is SoundRoseStudio

Not your ordinary stock music


Meet Juraj - the composer and award winning classical pianist, and Michaela - studio conductor and coloratura soprano. Two die hard professional classical musicians.

What, did you think that classical musicians don't do "commercial music"? That the only music you could download online as a royalty free music is the cheap stuff created by computer programmers who merely stack pre-made audio loops at each other?


Well, welcome to SoundRoseStudio, guys. Let us change your mind.


You know, the thing is, we do not agree with the opinion that there is this good, high quality, professional music, the classical art concert hall type, full of real emotions and real craft, and then this "Joe, buy me that toothpaste" kind of stuff, without real meaning and quality.

No. We firmly and genuinely believe that music is music. The magical thing that speaks volumes about unspeakable things, that sparks up emotions in our cold and shrunken hearts. (Too cheesy? Well, we are musicians, this is how we roll. Deal with it.)


So, the stuff you will find on this page? This is the real deal. Genuine, strong, powerful music created by professional musicians who know exactly how to do this job. Pick the emotion you need and choose the right music for your project. Make your audience stare. Create something that will make people talk about for years. Make them laugh, make them cry, raise goosebumps on their arms. Music can help. WE can help.

With love,