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Business & Motivation

Royalty free music ideal for commercial use and advertising, inspiring music beds under a voice over, jingles and idents, corporate tunes and company logos, electronic music for technology oriented projects, documentary ambients

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1 Hour Relaxing Piano With Rain - Music for Meditation


Unwind and find tranquility with "1 Hour Relaxing Piano With Rain - Music for Meditation." This track combines beautiful, soft piano melodies with soothing rain ambient sounds to create a peaceful and calming atmosphere. Perfect for relaxation, focus, stress relief, meditation, studying, work, writing, programming, and as a lullaby for both babies and adults.



A wistful and romantic solo piano composition that delicately captures moments of nostalgia and deep emotion.

Beautiful Memories


"Beautiful Memories" is a beautifully calm and peaceful piano ambient piece that evokes a sense of tranquility and serenity.

Big Boss Funk Ident


"Big Boss Funk Ident" is a smooth and confident retro shortie that exudes timeless charm.

Breathing Ambient


Intimate, mysterious, and slow ambient music that evokes deep emotions.

Business Rock Ident


Energetic and powerful hard rock ident with a confident and driving sound.

Calm Nature Documentary Ambient Music


Magical and atmospheric electronic ambient music with a mesmerizing and otherworldly vibe.



Tender and beautiful acoustic track that evokes an intimate and loving atmosphere.

Casino Robbery Funk


Exciting and groovy funk track with a vintage vibe, perfect for projects in need of a retro James Brown sound.

Cocktail Lounge


A seductive and atmospheric background music track that sets the mood for a smoky lounge bar experience.

Cool Hip-Hop Background


A masculine, futuristic, and sexy symphonic hip-hop track that serves as a stylish and engaging background music option for tech-oriented videos, commercials, product videos, tutorials, or video games. Ideal for TV and radio use.

Corporate Rock Ident


A short and energetic indie hard rock ident, perfect for action or sport sequences, inspirational and motivational videos, YouTube videos, films, TV, promotions, presentations, and more.