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Cinematic & Orchestral

Collection of beautifully orchestrated symphonic music, romantic tracks with piano and soft vocals, epic and dramatic trailer music, sweet and nostalgic pieces.... Do you need to carry your story with strong music? Do you need to add emotion? Well, this is the place to start searching. The music you need is here for sure.



Epic, dramatic and emotional royalty free music track.

Epic Hollywood Trailer


Dark blockbuster trailer with amazing emotional power! Are you ready to create something epic? This driving, dramatic and intense orchestral royalty free track will boost the energy level in your project BIG TIME!

Funny Little Waltz


Playful, silly, comical dance.

Epic Piano Ident


Dark, dramatic and epic fantasy intro!

Western Overture Ident


Exciting, joyful opening!

Old MacDonald Had A Farm


Irresistibly funny, clumsy comedy

Angel's Lullaby


Soft, naive, angelic lullaby.

Halloween Bells


Dark and creepy!

Ball Opening Fanfare Ident


Magnificent and solemn opener!

Halloween Dream


Magical, slightly terrifying and suspenseful ambient.

Magic Little Bells


Sweet, funny and super cute Mozart!

Child's Play


Childlike, naive and happy