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Commercial / Business Idents

Big Boss Funk Ident


Smooth and confident retro shortie.

Charm Logo


Simple, easy and bright logo.

Cocktail Lounge


Sexy, laid back and seductive.

Driving Drums Ident


High-tech, driving, fast and intense!

Funky Flute Ident


Sexy shortie with vintage James Bond vibe!

Funky Upbeat Ident


Confident funky shortie!

Funny & Laid Back Jingle Ident


Cool, funny and funky little jingle

Happy Acoustic Ident


Easygoing, nonchalant, feelgood shortie

Hot Funk Ident


Striking opener!

Intense Retro Ident


Exciting and sexy retro jingle with driving bass line.

Pastorale Logo


Pastoral, rustic and classical.

Pure Nature Ident


Calm and simple logo reveal.