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Fighting The Darkness

The clock is ticking.
  • Online Videos (YouTube,...), animation, slideshow, presentation, music on hold.
  • Standard License + Cinema, TV/Radio, software, game, application, cd, dvd, Public show.
  • Extended License + National TV/Radio Advertising for 1 year.

This dramatic and tense music track builds the gradation in three steps:

The beginning is dark and ominous – with suspenseful electronic glitchy drums, deep brasses and strings.

In 0:40 starts the second part – solo cello and violin brings the music to a wistful breakdown in 0:58.There will come a beautiful and sad female vocal lament, glittered with fragile piano tones.

This leads with tragic determination to the last part (1:22), that grows from the music of the beginning, this time arranged in epic, cinematic fashion – with grand tubular bells, full sound of piano and dramatic battle drums.

We have used live piano, live female vocals, grand drums, sound effects, synthetiser, keyboard, glittery and glitchy sounds and orchestral instruments section (horns, trombones, tuba, contra-bassoon, strings)

Alternative and progressive digital sound engineering. 

Useful as cinematic music for movie trailer, breaking news music, krimi / investigation / detective music, rpg, fantasy and adventure games, etc.

Tempo (BPM) 108
Main track length 1:58
Audio Files Included WAV + MP3
Sample Rate 16-Bit Stereo, 44.1 kHz
Bit Rate 320 kbps
Looped Audio No