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Great Idea

Clean, effortless and fresh minimal background music.
  • Online Videos (YouTube,...), animation, slideshow, presentation, music on hold.
  • Standard License + Cinema, TV/Radio, software, game, application, cd, dvd, Public show.
  • Extended License + National TV/Radio Advertising for 1 year.

Inspiring and beautiful music bed – motivational and uplifting track that brings the feeling of a job well done, product that simply works, tutorial that is easy to follow and business project that is worthwhile.

This track is built in several stages:

  • Soft and light beginning – hopeful and bright mood, instruments are joining in one by one. Piano, harp, soft strumming guitar, playful marimba.
  • 2. stage – light percussions join in – 0:45
  • 3. stage – more drums and bassguitar join in, the mood is shifting to really joyful and upbeat – 1:12
  • 4. stage – string orchestra joins in, sound is rich and confident – 1:40
  • breakdown & build up – sound falls into piano root and slowly, instrument by instrument, the music intensifies into triumphant climax – 2:07
  • ending – the track ends with clear and transparent piano, just like in the beginnig – 2:52

Ideal for video production – product videos, tv and radio commercials, tutorials, explainers, informative videos, corporate and business video projects and more.

Tempo (BPM) 106
Main track length 3:08
Audio Files Included WAV + MP3
Sample Rate 16-Bit Stereo, 44.1 kHz
Bit Rate 320 kbps
Looped Audio No