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Retro Funk

Ahh, funk. Fiery, soulful, full of juicy rhythms and striking brass (those trumpets! saxes!)
Do you need to catch your audience’s eye? With these zesty music tracks you will do just that, you bet.

Intense Retro Ident


Exciting and sexy retro jingle with driving bass line.

Funky Upbeat Ident


Confident funky shortie!

Funky Flute Ident


Sexy shortie with vintage James Bond vibe!

Hot Funk Ident


Striking opener!

Big Boss Funk Ident


Groovy and sexy 70’s style funk – hot’n trendy stuff!

Surf Rock Ident


Upbeat, carefree and confident shortie!

Sexy Spy Action Funk


Fast, sexy and confident! Rhythmic and hot track – this one will boost your project BIG TIME!

Funky Retro Fever


Bring in the vintage vibe! This is absoultely sassy, sexy, groovy funk!

Casino Robbery Funk


On a secret mission!

Funky Retro


Groovy and sexy upbeat 70’s-style funk!