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Licensing Royalty Free Music

What is royalty free music? Is it really „free“?


No, it is not – here is why:


By buying the music „royalty free“ you’ll skip the whole complex, confusing and expensive backend royalties process and instead jump straight into super simple and affordable mode of being charged a clear and comparatively small one-time fee.

This one-time fee covers the usage of that music track for the life of that project – with no additional charges.


So, you will simply choose from our three types of licenses (standard, extended and TV/Radio ad) according to your specific needs, pay a one-time fee and you’re done.


But remember – this licence allows you to use the music in a single end project. That means that if you wish to use the same track on another project, you will need to pay another licensing fee. Fortunately, the SoundRoseStudio licensing fees are very affordable.


This is a convenient solution for media producers—they can be assured that they will be able to license any piece of music in the library at a reasonable rate, whereas a specially-commissioned work could be much, much more expensive. Similarly, licensing a well-known piece of popular music could cost anywhere from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the prominence of the performer.



 - A license is applicable to one person or company only. If you are in the business of selling projects such as corporate videos, websites or messages on hold to several clients you must buy a license for each of them or contact us to negotiate a multiple client license.

- In the event of resale, the music must be synchronized with another media. It is therefore forbidden to resell and/or appropriate music tracks in isolation even if one or multiple sounds or vocals are added.




Licence ComparisonStandard LicenseExtended LicenseTV/Radio Ad License
Online Videos (YouTube, Vimeo, social media...)
Website Background Music
Educational Play, Film
Music On Hold      
Background Music in
- Bar, Restaurant
- Shop
- Gym
Web Advertising      
VOD (Netflix,...)
TV/Radio Broadcasting
Video Game
Public Show      
Local TV/Radio Advertising      
National/International TV/Radio Advertising      
Video Production Software
Music Production Software
Adding Lyrics and Make A Song
Audio Podcast
Audio Book
Meditation Soundtrack
Reselling of Audio Only Material
PRICE / Music Track 20 EUR 50 EUR 600 EUR
PRICE / Ident, Logo, Jingle 10 EUR 25 EUR 300 EUR