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Collection of lovely and heartwarming music for wedding videos, romantic movies, love scenes, mother's day picture slideshows, etc. Here you will find music for any project that needs a real load of touching emotions. Go ahead, pick your tearjerker ;)

Pure And Poetic Piano


Nostalgic, romantic and delicate classical piano piece.



Delicate, soft and tender. Gentle and romantic solo piano.

Rising Sun


Classical music viewed from a new, unique and modern perspective

Romantic Mozart Piano Ident


Romantic, calm and peaceful classical music logo.

Romantic Valse Piano Logo


Tender, romantic and delicate classical piano logo.

Row Row Row Your Boat


Famous nursery rhyme – instrumental version.

Sad & Romantic Piano Music


Genuine music with genuine emotion.

Sad And Flowing Piano Ident


Beautifully flowing, nostalgic and little bit sad solo piano ident.

Sad Chopin Waltz Theme


Theme from a famous waltz op. 34 no. 2 by Fryderyk Chopin.

Sad Lullaby


Heartbreaking and deeply emotional

Slow And Lovely Piano Ident


Tender, romantic and delicate classical piano piece.

Small Friend


Beautiful romantic lovesong.