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Angel's Lullaby


Soft, naive, angelic lullaby.

Breathing Ambient


Intimate, mysterious, slow ambient music

Dancing in the Snow


Absolutely stunning cinematic piece. Magical winter fairy tale mood.

Delicate Classical Piano Pack


Classical piano piece – always a good choice!

Distant Voices


Magical, gentle, contemplative ambient music with unique vocals.

Fighting The Darkness


The clock is ticking.

Girl Singing Happy Birthday


Happy birthday tune sung by sweet’n soft girl’s voice

Happy Vocals


Singing with clapping, ukulele and brass band - the ultimate feel-good music recipe!

High In the Sky


Upbeat and uplifting rhythm, juicy sound, catchy & memorable riff and optimistic lyrics – the ideal combination for a great tune!

Into The Dream


Experience a different kind of magic…

Live Vocals Inspiration


Positive, inspiring and emotional background track!

Magic Little Bells


Sweet, funny and super cute Mozart!