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Songs & Vocal

Live vocals = very emotional, touching music. It is known :)

Angel's Lullaby


"Angel's Lullaby" is a soft, naive, and angelic lullaby that brings a calming and soothing ambiance to any project or bedtime routine.

Breathing Ambient


Intimate, mysterious, and slow ambient music that evokes deep emotions.

Dancing in the Snow


Immerse yourself in the magical winter fairy tale atmosphere with "Dancing in the Snow." This stunning cinematic piece evokes a sense of nostalgia, mystery, and romance, transporting you to a world of enchantment.

Distant Voices


Indulge in the magical and contemplative world of "Distant Voices." This bestselling ambient track combines ethereal vocals, live piano, and electronic synth to create a hypnotic and serene atmosphere. Perfect for space documentaries, nature projects, and relaxation.

Into The Dream


Experience a different kind of magic…

Mother's Lullaby


Bring some love to your project with this soft and special royalty free music track!

Mozart's Lullaby


Soothing, calm and beautiful lullaby.

Rising Sun


Classical music viewed from a new, unique and modern perspective

Sad Lullaby


Heartbreaking and deeply emotional

Small Friend


Beautiful romantic lovesong.