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Upbeat & Optimistic

Optimistic and uplifting music tracks. Bring some sunshine into your project!

Funky Flute Ident


Sexy shortie with vintage James Bond vibe!

Funky Retro


Groovy and sexy upbeat 70’s-style funk!

Funky Upbeat Ident


Confident funky shortie!

Funny & Laid Back Jingle Ident


Cool, funny and funky little jingle

Great Idea


Clean, effortless and fresh minimal background music.

Happy Acoustic Ident


Easygoing, nonchalant, feelgood shortie

Happy Acoustic Ident II


Easygoing, nonchalant, feelgood shortie.

Happy As A Clam


Carefree, optimistic and playful royalty free music track.

Happy Upbeat & Inspiring Corporate


This is the classic tutorial standard!

Happy Vocals


Singing with clapping, ukulele and brass band - the ultimate feel-good music recipe!

High In the Sky


Upbeat and uplifting rhythm, juicy sound, catchy & memorable riff and optimistic lyrics – the ideal combination for a great tune!

Hot Funk Ident


Striking opener!